Tales and Memories of the long term residents

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12 thoughts on “Home

  1. Better find the time to write the 31 Giles street story two generators, even though we moved up the road 18 years ago Giles st holds some great memories

  2. My father Alan Hayes built 7 Giles Street in 1955. We had lived in the brick garage & workshop at the rear of the property from 1952 while Dad made the bricks by hand.

  3. I lived in two places on Giles street, then moved around the corner to Raggatt street. Great place to live. Some of my friends still live there and I always visit when I’m back in the Alice.

  4. This is lovely… I grew up in number 41. Spent my childhood running up and down the street to my other friends houses and adventuring in the bush. Wonderful memories. x

  5. 54 Giles St Bonanni Family, I am writing this as a daughter in law of Ennio & Teresa Bonanni, I married there son Fabio Bonanni.
    They had 3 other children Lisa, (Fabio ) Tania & Denise.
    Ennio Bonanni built the house in the early 1950s With the help of his brothers who were Italian migrants to the Red Centre.
    The house is still owned by the Bonanni family.

  6. We lived at No.48 (which is the house with the white fence at the top of the page) And what good times we had!!! My parents Luigi & Vera Ruffino bought it 1958 from Frank Saba before the house was finished, throughout the years it was the first stop from many of our Italian relatives. Many staff and other family and friends came and stayed for a while – often months. Back in the 60s, 70s & 80s it held many 18th, 21st, Engagements and Wedding Parties walking up the Rose path, Staff parties for SHE,Il Sorrentino & Papa Luigi’s, NYE parties and the best Christmas’s ever, never less than 25 people often many many more. It was a great Pool Party House. Some of our neighbours when we kids were the Kohne’s, Bonnani’s, Gagnon’s, Byrnes, Boons, Juett’s & Hatzmiahal’s as kids we had fun riding bikes around all the back lanes up to the Sitzlers house & down. What a wonderful childhood we had. many mornings hanging out front of the Bonnani’s waiting for the school bus. 48
    Giles St has provided many many Happy memories to many people! Our parents Vera & Luigi did a fantastic job welcoming everyone! Always plenty good times & food!

    • Dear Sarina. We all loved Sorrentinos in the 70s and 80s. and Papa Luigi was a much valued identity of the town. Would you mind this story being included with a photo of number 48 in the story section of the website?

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