Map from Vol 1 of Survey & Documentation of Old Eastside

Alice Springs Town Council

From: Kathryn Bailey <> Subject: Giles Street history To: “‘'” <> Received: Thursday, 15 November, 2012, 12:25 PM

Dear Ann,

For research on Giles Street, I highly recommend: Survey & Documentation of the Old Eastside, Alice Springs / Bruce Strong, for the National Trust Volume 1 has a lot of background information on Old Eastside, including Giles St. There is a map showing allotment numbers on p. 40. If you then go to the corresponding allotment numbers in Volume 2 Part 3 you will find the histories of individual houses. These books are in the Alice Springs Collection at the following call number AS COLL 994.291 STRO

There are a few photographs of Giles Street in the digital Central Australian Historical Images collection, available from within the library. Photographs 344, 345 and 346 of the Trudy Hayes Collection were taken in Giles St. Reproduction is permitted if there is attribution of the photographs and collections. The same Alice Springs Collection PCs allow access to the digitised Centralian Advocate (from 1947) and Alice Springs News Collections, from within the library. Copyright is still held by the publishers, so please seek permission from the newspaper publishers if you wish to publish any newspaper resources from after 1955.

The National Trust Office in the old Hartley Street school may have further information. There are also likely to be relevant documents at the Northern Territory Archives Service, including the archived files from the Department of Lands.

If you search the catalogue for the family names of early settlers there may be some results. For example Trudy Hayes lived at 7 Giles Street. She writes about this in her book Beyond the Red Sandhills (AS COLL 994.0082 HAYE). For an unusual surname a keyword or ‘anywhere’ search of the Alice Springs Collection could yield some results. The library catalogue can be searched online from

There is a lot of Alice Springs information on the Northern Territory Library’s website Territory Stories including photos. I would also recommend Trove for a listing of potentially available resources including photos

Hope this helps with your project. Please ask me if you need extra assistance using these resources.

Regards and thanks,

Kathryn Bailey Special Collections Librarian Alice Springs Public Library Ph: 08 8950 0507 Fax: 08 8952 2402

From Ken Turner

1 st item from Kathryn’s email – “Survey & Documentation of the Old Eastside, Alice Springs”, by Bruce Strong

This is a good find.

Vol 1 is short, easy to navigate, and has much that you’ll be interested in. the intro states that Giles St was created in the 3 rd of 3 subdivisions that created the Old Eastside, which happened in late 1948. It seems to focus on Giles St west of Lindsay Ave, judging by maps on p.40 (attached as PDF) and p.95. This volume includes a “civic account” of the history, taken partly from Advocate articles – I think you’ll get the most from this part. The volume also includes an “official account”, which is much drier and not so useful, in my opinion.

Vol 2, part 3 contains a listing of each allotment which runs to 3 or 4 pages each. I’ve attached one such listing as example.

Centralian Voices


On this site, you’ll find links to relevant oral histories, in particular those of Sylvia Neale and Tootsie Howard (one of whom has died recently, I understand), and Graham Ross. These interviews are divided into several tracks each. In particular, note the following bits where they talk about living on the eastside:

Sylvia & Tootsie’s interview, track 2: between approx 1min into that track up to the 2min 28sec mark, and approx 4:50 to the end of the track

Graham Ross’ interview, track 2: from 0:45 to 2:30

Danielle Powell – local historian

Kathryn and Lis here at the library seem to think that you and Bill would know this woman, and that she’s the “epicentre of research” about this area, and could save you a deal of time in finding relevant info. I understand that she lives on Undoolya Rd, but I’m not sure where exactly. She produced a history of the Eastside called “Under Today – Traces of Eastside”. This is available on both DVD and CD, which Kathryn has here at the library and you are welcome to come in and see her to have a closer look.

Kathryn also says that you’re likely to find quite a bit through the NT Archives – I understand that you’re looking into this.

I’ll be in touch again soon with whatever else I can find of use.




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