The introductory letter


GILES STREET… One Street, Many Stories

An Invitation

My name is Ann Davis and I would like to invite you to consider taking part in a project that captures our time in Alice Springs as long-term residents of Giles Street. I have lived in Central Australia for 35 years and 30 of these at 49 Giles Street. I have worked in the tertiary education sector for most of that time, have raised three children here and been on the boards and councils of a number of local schools and community organisations.

I have become increasingly aware that Giles Street has a special mix of residents who have lived and worked in Alice Springs for twenty to thirty years or a lifetime in some cases. The reasons each of us had for coming here are diverse, as are our reasons for staying, and we have had the option to leave. I think it would be exciting to tell these stories for what they reveal about this period of time in the history of Central Australia and the various ways we have all engaged in life here.

If we are to repeat the pattern common to Alice, many of us will leave over the next few years and many of us won’t have captured in writing what it is that has been compelling enough to keep us here for this significant period of our lives. I know we lead busy lives but I feel strongly that we have something to say and that collectively a diverse and fascinating picture would emerge.

The project I envisage is that each participant produces his or her own written piece in order to document the stories in the person’s own voice and from their own particular perspective and lived experience. If you prefer, you could make an audio recording and collaborate with someone to write it.

Every house tells a story and the outcome would be varied accounts of lives lived in Giles Street with the street as the common and connecting link. I think it’s exciting and hope the idea might resonate with you too.

Publication and Funding

Together we would talk about how these stories might be used but initially I suggest that radio, print and digital publication are all possible mediums for consideration. Funding is available for projects of this kind to cover editing, mentoring, printing or related expenses. Through Arts NT there are project development grants and history grants, either of which we could access for financial support as required. As a community project it would need a convincing application, with an example or two of stories that illustrate the idea. About 2000 words is a recommended length and this translates to about a 10 – 15 minute spoken piece.

If you have an interest in the potential of this idea, would you please email me: I’m also contactable on 0407 901 586.  If you can commit to responding soon, preferably by the beginning of October that would be appreciated and will give a good indication of the level of interest. We can then get together at number 49 to talk more.


3 thoughts on “The introductory letter

  1. I lived in 7 Giles Street until 1965. However, I now reside in Geelong but presently am on holiday in UK & will get in contact when I return. This sounds a worthwhile project!

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